CEO and Early Investors Sell Beyond Meat Shares at 34% Discount

What do you think about CEOs that are willing to accept 65 cents on the dollar for their stock? Are they spitting in the face of shareholders who paid 52.5% higher prices the same day?

As Beyond Meat stock (BYND) soared up 840%, the CEO, early investors, executives, and directors filed to sell 3,737,500 shares in which 93.3% of the proceeds will go to them, and only 6.67% of proceeds will go to the company.

Beyond Meat Secondary Stock Offering

The offering which included 211,459 shares by executives and directors, 3,276,041 shares by early investors and 250,000 shares by the company, was originally proposed at $189.28 (19.42% discount to closing price). It was later raised to $200.20, and ultimately the offering closed at $160, netting sellers $154. A whopping 34.44% discount to the $234.90 closing price on the day the offering was filed.

Looking at it from the perspective of the investors who were paying $234.90 per share, I can see how they could be disappointed with the CEO who sold shares at a price 34.4% lower than what they paid to buy shares in his company that day.

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