Apple Earnings are Down – Apple Stock is Up Afterhours

Apple is one of the most popular stocks for daytrading, swing trading and investing. It is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as the Nasdaq 100, and the S&P 500 Index. Apple has options with weekly expiration dates which are very liquid. These weekly options offer stock traders, portfolio managers, and hedge fund managers the opportunity to speculate on Apple’s future stock price as well as provide a hedging mechanism for Apple stock and the indexes it belongs to.

Apple Earnings Down Stock is Up

Options traders often use option trading strategies such as bull call spreads, bear put spread, straddles, strangles, iron condor, butterfly, and calendar spreads. Apple investors may choose to sell out-of-the-money call options to generate additional income.

After the close today, Apple reported earnings that are lower than the same quarter a year ago (lower net income and lower earnings per share) on slightly higher revenues.

Apple stock was trading at 217.80 up 9.02 points from its closing price of 208.78 on the earnings release news. I find it very interesting that Apple was trading at 190 a year ago when it earned more money.

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