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Tony Oz began his journey in stock trading in 1986, initially driven by hope and dreams. Over 35 years, through mistakes and learning experiences, he transformed from a novice trader into a seasoned expert. Replacing hope with knowledge and dreams with experience, Tony now shares his expertise on stock and options trading through his website, social media, the SFO Academy, and as a consultant and coach. He also has a presence on YouTube and has contributed to the design of trading software and platforms.

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“I have read several books on stock trading online, and some of them have been very helpful. But I cannot say that any of the other books actually improved my online trading results. Trading books tend to be written by people who act as advisors, or observers, of the market. These people make their living observing the market in a detached fashion. By contrast, Tony Oz is a professional trader. He knows what it is like to face the market day in and day out, and has proven that he can take money out of the market on a regular basis. What makes this book invaluable is the actual stock trading setups and the specificity with which they are described. Oz walks the reader through his setups, providing precise entry points and numerous examples. These setups provide profitable opportunities in the market day in and day out. I have not found another book that is so clear about its trading setups, or where the setups have been so consistently successful. I can say without question that this book is worth every penny.”
Alvin L.
Kingston, Ontario Canada
How much money do you need to trade options
Options Trading

How much money do you need to trade options? Use this hack to smartly fund your options trading account

How much money does an investor need to open an options trading account? This question is asked constantly at options trading conventions and expos, and the best answer is to try and fund the account with the house money. This video explains how to do exactly that. #OPTIONS​ #STOCKS​ Trading software used for stocks and options trading illustrations include Tastyworks by Tastytrade, thinkorswim by…

How Hedge Funds Can Easily short GME and AMC
Options Trading | Stock Trading

How Hedge Funds Can Easily short Stocks without borrowing shares & dodge the SSR Rule

By using an options strategy called “conversion” which include a synthetic short position that is completely hedged with a long position of stocks, hedge funds can utilize this strategy to short a downtick and dodge the short sale restriction (SSR) rule. Trading software used for stocks and options trading illustrations include Tastyworks by Tastytrade, thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade, Webull, Interactive Brokers, Robinhood, and Etrade….

Selling Put Options for Beginners on GameStop
Options Trading | Stock Trading

Put Option Trading Strategy for Beginners – Tastyworks, Webull, Robinhood, Etrade & IB

How would you like to get paid $1750 for placing a limit order to buy GME at $40 with most online stock and options brokers such as Tastyworks, Webull, Robinhood, thinkorswim, Etrade & Interactive Brokers?Get paid $1750 for buying GME at $40! By selling a $40 Put option on GME stock, investors can collect $1750 in premium. This video describes how selling put options…

Short Sale Attack Explained
Options Trading | Stock Trading

Short attack explained by a veteran stock trader, what to expect next? Stocks & Options

Short Explained: GameStop shares price hit $348 before a massive selling attack took it down to $172. I will cover how hedge funds and other well capitalized firms are able to launch selling attacks and what to expect moving forward. Stock Trading and Stock Options Analysis for GME

How high can GameStop Stock Go?
Investing | Stock Market

How high can stock price go?

How high can stock prices go? Disclaimer: All materials published by Tony Oz are to be used for informational purposes only and without warranty of any kind. The materials and information in this video are not, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any of the stocks, options, futures, commodities, and/or currencies named in these materials. Trading Risk Disclosure:…

House Hearing Robinhood GameStop
Stock Market | Investing

House Hearing with Robinhood, Reddit, DFV, Citadel, Melvin Capital (Live Coverage)

Join us for live coverage of the House Committee on Financial Services hearing on “recent market volatility involving GameStop and other stocks like AMC. The hearing will be held virtually, at 12 noon Eastern Time on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. Among those called to testify are Vladimir Tenev, CEO of online trading firm Robinhood Markets, Inc., Tenev will join executives from Reddit and hedge…

GameStop Declines 77%
Options Trading | Stock Trading

Stock drops 371 Points (-77%) as Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, Webull, ban Stock & Options

An in depth look into Stock and options when brokers like Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim, Apex clearing house brokerages Tastyworks and Webull as well as other stock and options brokers banned retail investors from buying stocks and options in GME, AMC KOSS and other heavily shorted stocks. The question is, who was pulling the strings on multiple brokers to ban clients from…

Tastyworks review 2020
Options Trading | Stock Market

Tastyworks Options Trading Platform Review 2020 | Small Account: How to trade options for beginners

This review of Tastyworks options trading platform highlights how to trade options for beginners and features a small account of $5,000 that was funded in August 2019 and accumulated a profit of $9,061 in 5 months. No more than 1/3 of the value of the account was risked at any given time. Most of the time, at least 85%-90% of the account was all…

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